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Your help at tournaments is always appreciated. If you are able to help or willing to learn, please indicate below.

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I hereby acknowledge that I make application for entry into the competition as aforementioned on the basis that my entering into competition and/or offering to render my assistance to effect competition is entirely at my own risk. I further acknowledge that neither the NZTWSA nor its officials nor any constituent body of the NZTWSA (hereafter called the organisers) accept any liability for damage or loss of any nature occasioned by me (either as a competitor or an assistant) in the course of the competition whether caused by the negligence or failing of the organisers or otherwise. I further acknowledge and undertake accordingly that I will indemnify the organisers or any of them against all claims, demands, liability or costs which the organisers may be required to meet or pay to any third party as a result of damage or loss of whatever nature occasioned by my actions in the competition.
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