Apply for Membership

To join the Auckland Water Ski Club, you simply need to fill out the form below and transfer the entrance & membership fee to our bank account, or post a cheque (note we cannot accept card payments). Current Membership rates are show in the table below.

Once the form and payment has been received, the Executive Committee will review the application prior to inviting you to an induction.  In the meantime, you are welcome to come introduce yourself to other members and have a ski.

Note: Joining fees are charged for all new members and for lapsed memberships.  In certain situations (e.g. injury or working away from Auckland), members can apply to the Executive to have their membership put on hold for a season and the joining fee waived when they return.



Family Memberships: A couple (married, in a civil-union or in a de-facto relationship), plus dependents under 18 years old and all living at the same address.

Junior Memberships: Under 18 at the time of application of renewal.

Social Memberships: These are not eligible to ski at member rates.


Primary Email: This will be used to update you on activities at the AWSC, plus your ski tow balance if you choose to purchase a block of ski tows.







Club of Allegiance: If you intend to ski in tournaments and are a member at another ski club, we need to know which will be your primary club that you would represent in any regional or national competitions.