Members and Non Members

The Auckland Water Ski Clubs facilities are primarily set up for members, however non-members are welcome to come and ski with us during normal club hours.  Club equipment including skis, wetsuits and lifejackets are available for use at the club by members and non-members skiing with us.  Please ask another member, or our Operations Manager (Paul) if you need a hand selecting the right size ski or wetsuit.

Ski rides are approximately 10-12 minutes from start to finish.  All skiers are expected to be on the dock and ready to ski when the boat returns from the previous skier.

A non-member ski tow is $50.

To ski, all persons must sign up with the Hello Club system, so please go back to the Membership link on the home page. Hello Club is where you pay, book ski tows and join the club.

How it Works:

Ski sets are limited to 10 mins from start to finish.

An observer is required and must be at least 10 years old and deemed capable by the driver.

Buoyancy vests for skiers are compulsory. Trick skiers exempted. 

 If you are using club equipment and are not sure which ski etc please ask someone to help you.

  1. Be on the jetty ready to go when the previous skier returns (binding adjusted , ski vest on etc).
  2. Be prepared to spot for the next skier if needed
  3. After skiing if you have used club equipment please rinse off and leave to drip , then return it to where it came from before you leave.
  4. Please treat the club rooms as a dry area.

Your cooperation is appreciated by everyone as it means more people get to ski in the time we have.

Note to everyone,

During busy times when using front slalom course hop in mid course to save time.

Last ski ENDS 30 minutes before closing time

 By booking a ski tow, you and circle members you book on behalf of understand and accept that neither the Auckland Water Ski Club (hereafter called the AWSC) nor its officials nor any constituent body of the AWSC accept any liability for damage or loss of any nature occasioned by me in the course of the ski ride whether caused by negligence of failing of the AWSC or otherwise. I further acknowledge and undertake accordingly that I will indemnify the AWSC or any of them against all claims, demands or liability or costs which to the AWSC may be required or meet or pay to any third party as a result of damage or loss whatever nature occasioned by my actions in the course of the ski ride.